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Dunedin is home to many creative talents. Although, many spread their wings and explore the world, most call Dunedin home and many find themselves returning to our great little city. Devon Smith definitely fits this description and after seeing her work, she is without a doubt one of Dunedin's creative talents. 

Raised in Dunedin, Devon studied at the Art School with a focus on painting. After completing her degree, she moved away in search of a career in Art. Not knowing exactly where this would take her she spent a number of years floating around the general art scene. Unaware of where she was heading, Devon continued to paint and exhibit her work in small shows whilst overseas. However, when the opportunity was presented to work in the Tattoo industry, she packed her bags and returned home to Dunedin. 

Devon has always been a fan of Tattoos. She got her first one at the age of 17 and ever since then you could say she was hooked. A profession where she could explore her love for drawing and learn a craft she has always been interested in. 

Devon acknowledges the transition from her usual canvas to that of skin is no easy feat. She has had to adapt her style slightly and has even surprised herself at how hard the learning process has been. Originally, Devon thought that Tattooing would be a bit of a walk in the park, that it would be something that she truly would excel at. However, she has discovered that this is not the case. The Tattooing industry is very difficult to get into and it is something she will have to work hard at to perfect her skills. 

When asked what is involved in creating art for a tattoo Devon described the process to be very similar to commission art. Clients will have either seen her work and want something similar or they will have an idea in their head that she has to somehow interpret and translate that into the design the client is happy with. 

Now if you could imagine how difficult it must be to visualise what their client is after, the other aspect that has to be considered is that a tattoo is fairly permanent. Unlike her art, there is very little room for mistakes. Even worse, the canvas moves and you are not dealing with a perfectly flat surface. 

Despite the difficulties that are associated with tattooing, when asked where her passion lies Devon told us there is a bit of a crossover between the disciplines. Devon stated "I just like drawing that is where my passion lies. As long as I can draw I'm pretty happy."

Although drawing is what makes Devon truly happy, she did say that the past six months that she has been tattooing for has solidified her decision to make it a career. To give it her best shot as it is an industry that is extremely difficult to get into and something she has been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to pursue. 

Agency Inc on Princes Street is where you can find Devon pursuing her career by day as a Tattoo artist. However, by night and in her spare time she is constantly drawing and painting in her studio at home in preparation for the number of shows / exhibitions she has on the horizon. 

Devon has been invited to participate as one of the local artists in the upcoming Dunedin street art festival. But, it is her upcoming international show that has been keeping her busy lately. Painting from Dunedin Devon has a show in Los Angeles and another show in Portland in October. 

The art Devon creates is not really planned, but she did say that she draws a lot of women. She draws inspiration from everywhere. Children's books, comics and cartoons. Basically, she likes to keep it pretty organic and likes to draw what she feels like at the time. Whether it be sketching in a cafe, on a bus or in her studio. More recently, she has been exploring with plants after acquiring a great flower and fauna book. 

If you appreciate art and what these talented individuals can achieve, then Devon Smith is definitely one to keep on the radar. Be sure to check out her work in the upcoming Dunedin Street Art Festival and if you are thinking about getting a Tattoo make sure you pay her a visit down at Agency Inc. 

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