Dunedin Street Art Festival

by Insiders Dunedin

When: Sunday 12 –  Wednesday 22 October

Where: Ten various locations throughout the Warehouse Precinct and adjoining areas.

We’ve invited some world famous artists at the top of their game, to join a team of incredibly talented local and national artists to beautify walls across the southern part of the central city.

From October 12 - 22, you will have the opportunity to witness their work unfold, take shape and form compelling pieces of art.

Artists confirmed to-date:

  • Pixel Pancho (Italy)
  • Mica Still (Wellington)
  • Jon Thom (Dunedin)
  • Sean Duffell (Dunedin)
  • Andy McCready (Dunedin)
  • Be Free (Melbourne)
  • Sam Ovens (Dunedin)
  • Phlegm (United Kingdom)
  • Devon Smith (Dunedin)
  • Dal East (China) (This Wall will be painted in September)

The inaugural Dunedin Street Art Festival will create a unique, world-class street trail through the Warehouse Precinct and adjoining areas. Large walls on main streets to small spaces nestled in alley ways will be transformed into eye-catching murals representing our past, present and future.

Keep up to date with artist announcements by following the Dunedin Street Art Facebook page.



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