Company of Strangers Summer 15

by Insiders Dunedin

‘She Walks in Beauty’

Summer 15 

Driven by the collective visuals and the idea of timelessness in the Jim Jarmusch film Only Lovers Left Alive. This season embraces a darkly romantic spirit, posing the inevitable question: if your existence were eternal, what would you treasure?

The film itself tells the story of the immortal souls ‘Adam and Eve’ confined to an eternal existence. The narrative takes us on a journey through a melancholic, yet enduring love between these two heroines. 

The sentimental is made tangible this season with fringing and plush velvet tape intertwining themselves amongst considered tucks, folds and seams. These details, signature to the Company of Strangers aesthetic, make the wearer feel wistfully nostalgic, as if their very own treasured tokens of have been hoarded and carefully stitched into garments. 

SS15 sees the introduction of a new signature print, a Moroccan inspired snake print referencing motifs from past seasons, the keepsakes from our very own COS vault.

An ode towards one of Lord Byrons’ works (and the title of this seasons’ range) reveals itself with the interplay between contrasting light and dark elements that lead way for the eclectic mixture of texture.  Georgettes are mixed with bold checks and stripes whilst vintage denims are patched with soft washed leather.

A muted palette of ashy greys and burnt rosewood is juxtaposed with crisp whites and classic black. Starlight prints and our snake print in a rich fuschia and smoky purple round off this seasons’ sultry mood. 

Continuing to maintain the quintessential Company of Strangers aesthetic that harmonizes contrast into timeless garments, a tale of the ages retold in the garments we wear this season or perhaps Forever?



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