Danny Brisbane: Lurkers

by Insiders Dunedin


A Collection of New Artwork by Danny Brisbane

Danny Brisbane is the second from a series of 5 emerging artists, to be shown at Kiki Beware.

Danny’s original portraiture shows a masculine, raw, degenerate, and dark story, with charcoal & pencil images of underground misfits, rouge cult figures, and fabricated vagabonds. 

Each of Danny’s characters indicates a common thread, where life is hard lived and choices have taken their toll. Destructive, burdened but never beaten, each outsider is glorified, as a ‘so called’ ironic pop-icon. 

Here gangsters, murderers, and bad men are painted, drawn and rendered as anti-pop, but still very much influenced by today’s pop icons. 

There is something curious about his troubling nature of subjects, which is consistent within Danny’s collection of paintings and drawings. 

Friday 19th September, 5:30pm
Kiki Beware, 344 George St

All artworks are originals, and will be on sale during opening night.

Have a drink, bring your wallet, come say hi!



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