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Fortune Theatre, 31 October - 7 November

Be|Longing tells stories of immigration, discovery, settling – and unsettling – in Aotearoa/New Zealand, and shows how Kiwi culture is seen through the eyes of others. It examines – and invites audiences to consider – what it means to feel ‘at home’ and where you feel a sense of belonging.

Be|Longing has been created from dozens of hours of conversations with people who have come here from all over the world, including Argentina, Ukraine, India, Iraq, Brazil, and England. In their informal, filmed interviews, participants shared their stories of migration and their sometimes disquieting experiences of New Zealand life and culture.

Be|Longing is a piece of Verbatim theatre. Verbatim, or documentary, theatre involves filming interviews with participants with various perspectives on a subject. The interviews are edited and a story created. Working from the interviews, actors learn as accurately as possible every verbal inflexion and intonation, every physical gesture and facial expression. In peformance actors use an MP3 player and an ear bud, hearing the original words and re-presenting them simultaneously. The only changes that are made are those necessary to protect the identity of the participants.

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