The Keys are in the Margarine

by Insiders Dunedin

The Keys are in the Margarine
Fortune Theatre, 20 - 29 October

Imagine a world where familiar objects lose their meaning ...
Una is 93. She plays a pretty good game of scrabble, and she has dementia.
Peter is a lawyer. He was also the mayor when he first lost his wife.
Erin, Rosanna and Kerry work in a dementia care unit.

They are some of the 17 people whose stories are related in The Keys are in the Margarine, a verbatim play about dementia from Dunedin's Talking House collective.

Verbatim, or documentary, theatre involves filming interviews with participants with various perspectives on a subject. The interviews are edited and a story created. Working from the interviews, actors learn as accurately as possible every verbal inflexion and intonation, every physical gesture and facial expression. In peformance actors use an MP3 player and an ear bud, hearing the original words and re-presenting them simultaneously. The only changes that are made are those necessary to protect the identity of the participants.

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