Flagons & Foxtrots

by Insiders Dunedin

When: 14 November - 12 December
Where: Fortune Theatre

It's Saturday night in Dunedin in 1965. The place to be is down at the dance hall.

Archie Moore has big dreams of stardom and it looks like tonight at the dance may be his lucky break. He has two obstacles: his hormone-ravaged brother Pinkie and the fact that Sid, who runs the dance hall, won’t even let them play! 

Throw in Jack and Jillian’s rocky romance, Rita’s pulse-racing twist lessons, Aunty Ina's curried eggs, a few sneaky pints out the back and sooner or later someone’s bound to step on someone else’s toes... Flagons & Foxtrots hits a personal note with everyone, the jokes will have you rolling in the aisles and you won’t be able to help but tap your feet to the beat of the Archie Moore Trio.

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