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by Insiders Dunedin

It has been mentioned time and time again that this city is full of creative talent. But, it was very interesting to talk with a couple of local artists that are on a mission to create a space, dedicated to contemporary art. 

I recently caught up with Craig Freeborn, a local Artist focusing on the medium of painting. Based in Dunedin since 2008, Craig grew up in Timaru with a family of Six. His Dad was a science teacher and Mother a radiographer. He did not have a great deal of artistic influence growing up, but Craig does have fond memories of staring at the reproductions of Rembrandts great paintings, “The Anatomy Lesson” and “The Night Watch” that hung on the walls. Craig also mentioned he was always fascinated by a book that belonged to his mother on 'Positioning in Radiography' that he now still draws upon as a source of imagery.

Craig described that he draws inspiration for his work from the history of painting and where it sits now. An examination into the contemporary being shaped by memory. As well as, the use of photography as a vehicle of memory.

The majority of Craig's work has been exhibited here in Dunedin. He had a show hanging at the University of Otago for a year and a Public art gallery show in Timaru back in 2010. On top of that, he has also shown work around the country in various competitions and odd group shows.

Craig has seen some success with his art. He was pretty happy to see one of his paintings 'Kiss of Peace',  pick up a merit award in a Whakatane competition. Not to mention, selling a work to Judge Judy that Craig thought was a bit of a buzz. 

More recently, Craig has had his attention focused on opening a new Dunedin gallery. The gallery (State of Princes) is a venture he started with fellow artist Justin Spiers. It came about after the two had discussions around the demand for a Dunedin gallery dedicated to contemporary art. The duo believes that some critical artists aren’t being exhibited here or aren’t being shown in the right context for their practice. Both wanted to create a gallery to exhibit at in Dunedin that they believe will frame it in the right light. Pushing the emerging among other compelling, thought-provoking and highly collectible visual artists across many mediums.

Though Dunedin is well served with some long established and dedicated Dealer Galleries, both Craig and Justin beleave there is always room for fresh perspectives on contemporary art. 

Not only does the gallery showcase Art, but they also provide: 

- Picture Framing
- We stretch and prime Canvas to custom sizes
- Sell Unprimed and Primed Canvas
- Make your own custom Frame Moulding
- Package artwork ready for shipping
- Professional picture hanging service available
- Professional photographing of artworks

The Gallery is looking to open a show on the last Friday of every month and can be found at 393 Princes Street.  Feel free to pop by and take a look when they are open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11am - 4pm, or by appointment. 

Check the gallery or their canvas services out online:

And take a good look at some of Craig's art -


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