Time Stands Still

by Insiders Dunedin

Fortune Theatre presents the New Zealand Premiere of: Time Stands Still
26 September - 17 October 2015

Time Stands Still focuses on Sarah and James, a photojournalist and a foreign correspondent, who return to Brooklyn and find themselves trying to find balance and happiness after being scarred – physically and emotionally – while covering conflicts in the Middle East.

Theirs is a partnership based on telling the toughest stories and, together, making a difference. But when their own story takes a sudden turn, this brave couple confronts the daunting prospect of a more conventional life.

From Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Donald Margulies, Time Stands Still is a moving and humour-filled portrait of people struggling with the need for purpose in the world.

Directed by Lara Macgregor

For more information and bookings head to www.fortunetheatre.co.nz/show/time-stands-still

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