The Adventures of Angel-Louise & Friends Ltd

by Insiders Dunedin

'The Adventures of Angel-Louise & Friends Limited'  are picture story books for children set in Port Chalmers where Angel-Louise  finds she's not the only animal who lives at her home.  There is Harry the Hedgehog, Tabatha the little brown mouse, Sammie the Seagull, Stella the little seagull (Sammie's daughter) Bertie the Albatross, Merlin the ginger cat, Cedric & Shelly Snail who run the Snail Elementary School down the bottom of the garden near the veggie patch,  Cousin Fred (Tabatha's only cousin) who also teaches the little snails down at the school.   

 These delightful books are written by Julie Fawcett an Associate Fellow Librarian now writing and self publishing children's books. The books all have a theme and teach children valuable life lessons through the characters and the stories they tell via their adventures together all set in the Port Chalmers area.

The books are beautifully illustrated by Charlie Saies-Allen.

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