Delve into Genetics in Dunedin

by Insiders Dunedin

Combine Dunedin's amazing science community with its natural heritage and you get fantastic opportunities to be at the forefront of human understanding of life - whether human, agricultural or wild. There are so many opportunities to learn from global experts if you know where to look.

Two fascinating events in March will give you the latest perspectives on genetics - a field making amazing progress in human health, conservation and agriculture - everywhere really! 

Find out what changes in DNA and genes mean for all of us at a free seminar celebrating the first ever International Mendel Day on 8th March. 150 years ago Gregor Mendel unlocked a key to life and evolution by studying the traits of peas. His findings profoundly changed 20th century health and agriculture. 

Today’s genetic research could change our lives beyond imagination. 

Professor Roger P. Hellens will explore the importance of understanding the genomes behind traits and the ramifications of their ability to change, whether by the hands of nature or humans.

March 8th, 7pm, at Toitu Otago Settlers Museum. Register for free at

Then on 17 March join renowned BBC science journalist Dr Adam Rutherford and a panel of Dunedin experts for a discussion on conservation genomics, as part of a nationwide series presented by the Royal Society and broadcast by Radio New Zealand. Find out more at

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