Abby Wolfe is one of Dunedin’s most promising young artists.

by Insiders Dunedin

Born and raised in the city, Wolfe began teaching herself guitar at the age of fifteen inspired by school friends and an eclectic range of folk and pop artists including Ed Sheeran and Norah Jones. 

Bypassing University to focus on performing as well as developing and prompting herself as a musician, Wolfe has found herself as a leading light amidst a talented scene of youthful Dunedin singer-songwriters, a group that also includes Ciaran McMeeken, Jarni Blair, and Maddy Parkins-Craig among others. 

“It’s such a cool wee scene,” she says “and there’s a lot of people coming into it now, instead of the band scene. It’s cool to have different parts to the city. Dunedin is such a ‘Dunedin Sound’ type place, and everyone’s like ‘oh yeah the Dunedin sound, that must be like the only music there’, but there’s so much other music here!”  

Live, Wolfe typically accompanies herself on acoustic guitar, complementing her powerful, captivating vocals and earthy songwriting with a tasteful use of live electronic looping. 

“I’ve always had an acoustic vibe, but I am trying to mold and shape my sound a bit more” she explains. “Electronic music is coming more and more into the scene. I love that mix of the two; it’s a lot of fun.”  

Moving forward, Wolfe is currently working towards the release of her debut EP, chipping away with local engineer Timothy Greenslade, and sees Dunedin as the perfect place to grow her talents. 

“Dunedin is, I’ve found, the most nurturing place for music”, Wolfe says. 

“Things like going to the Dog with Two Tails for an open mic night, no one’s there to make you feel like crap. You just do your thing, and everyone is like ‘go you’. It’s that nurturing feel that I’m influenced by. I feel safe and I feel like I’m not a loser trying to do something. Building the confidence here allows me to go somewhere else and be the same, it’s all learning and it’s good learning”. 

“Dunedin allows me to build up the resources to do things on a professional level”.

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Watch Abby perform her song ‘Hideaway’ on Dunedin’s Pineapple Track 

Post submitted by Sam Valentine
Photography by Siala Farani-Tomlin
Pineapple Track image by Josh Young Productions


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