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Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Jack Hill and I design and manufacture unisex clothing.


Are you from Dunedin? If not when and why did you move here?

I am now! My family is from Waipara in North Canterbury. I moved here around six months ago. After showing in the Emerging Designer show at iD Fashion Week two years ago I started to think about the opportunities in Dunedin. I found a really awesome workspace and moved as soon as I could.


Did you study, if so what?

I studied Fashion Design at Massey University in Wellington. It’s the best!


When did you start your brand and why?

I started my brand around this time last year part time. I started because I had already bought so many machines and equipment, and I’m not really interested in doing much else other than making clothing, so I sort of looked at what I had been doing and decided to take it more seriously. It just made sense for me to turn this into a job rather than just an extremely expensive hobby.


Can you tell us a bit about what you create?

I make everything I would want in my wardrobe from scratch. There is no slamming a print on something made in China; I make almost everything in house apart from a few select items made in Auckland. I try to use organic cotton and fair trade fabrics when I can find it in New Zealand. Lots of the fabric is also designer remnants, which are imported into New Zealand. I’m always trying to think of a way that I can become more ethically and socially responsible in the way that I make clothing. I haven’t fully nailed it yet, but it’s all about providing a more ethically responsible option for my customers. People are voting with their dollars and most of the time they are voting for a product made in conditions they wouldn’t work in themselves.


What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened for your brand this year?

So many great things have happened in the past year! Getting my new workspace is awesome - come and see for yourself at 140 George St, Dunedin. Being featured on the I-D Magazine website was pretty cool! And being stocked in Infinite Definite in Christchurch is awesome – I’ve been shopping there for years and it’s awesome to see my stuff on the racks.


What do you enjoy most about living and working in Dunedin?

I like how everything is very central here and there’s only one shopping mall.


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