Centre for Science Communication Documentary Premiere

by Insiders Dunedin

The Centre for Science Communication proudly presents the World Premiere of films from the graduating class of 2016!

7.30pm, Fri 28 October

Toxic Zombie Death Machines

… a love story.
by Jeremy Anderson

New Zealand has a problem. We’re very fond of cats but there are now too many of them and they are a serious threat to our environment. Is the solution to love them more…. or something else?


Raised for Rewards

….a sheepdog’s life
by Varun Surendran

Clever, hardworking, dedicated sheepdogs are invaluable to kiwi farmers. But being trained to be such an amazing worker isn’t straight forward.


A Million Dollar Nose?

…tracking down trouble
by Sarah Hight

The 3000 bee hives that support Richelle's farming lifestyle are threatened by a deadly disease. Undaunted, Richelle thinks ‘outside the box’. But will her novel approach to the problem work?


Mind Games

….rethinking rehab.
By Kirsten Flint

Brain injuries are often life-changing and debilitating. Rehabilitation can help undo some of the damage. But rehab services in New Zealand are desperately stretched and not always easily accessible. Fortunately, there may be a simple answer.

Tickets $10 (plus applicable booking fees) TicketDirect: 477 8597 or 0800 224 224 or The Regent Theatre (subject to availability)

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