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For the first time in its four year history, Art Ache is set to showcase artists and their artwork in another New Zealand locale. As part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival, Art Ache will be showcasing Dunedin artists, Craig Freeborn, David Kilgour, Juliet Novena Sorrel, Larissa Hinds, Manu Berry and Peter Lewis. They will be unveiling a range of carefully selected artworks on 18 March at Morning Magpie, in the heart of Dunedin city.

Set up by Auckland-based Creative Director and art radio host Aimee Ralfini in 2013, Art Ache aims to provide art lovers and future patrons the unique opportunity to buy fine art directly from a selection of New Zealand’s best and brightest talent – both established and up-and-coming.

While fine art has long been associated with steep prices and stark environments, Ralfini breaks this mould with Art Ache. By connecting a small but diverse range of artists with the art-curious in a convivial environment, Art Ache creates a unique experience; one which appeals to a much wider audience.

In the four years this philanthropic venture has been running a notable change has occurred, with various factions of the New Zealand fine art sector adopting aspects of Ralfini’s unique production strategy. Art Ache has also built a strong following in Auckland, and online, which now gains new momentum with its expansion nationally, and first Dunedin show on 18 March:  

“This is an exciting time for Art Ache, and something we have been working hard to achieve.  It’s fantastic to be able to expand the ethos of Art Ache into Dunedin, on many levels,” explains Ralfini.“We get to work with new and exciting talent, while growing the Art Ache community. And it allows more New Zealanders to own and enjoy beautiful Art.”

Dunedin has long been home to a creative art and music scene, the perfect setting for AA DUN 18.03.17. Ralfini is pleased and proud of the selection of local artists and their artworks, and has enjoyed the process of discovering the visual language that unites the Dunedin artists’ work.

Selecting the artists for their diversity and ingenuity across various disciplines, Ralfini once again displays her unique combination of creative insight and conscious curator:

“There is a great deal of interest from the artists with the Auckland events, which is always humbling. Dunedin has a different vibe, because Art Ache is new to the city and has to build its trust within a new set of circumstances. I always admire artists that showcase with Art Ache, because art can be so deeply personal, which is part of what makes it so powerful. Art Ache takes the artists out of the safety net of the institution and represents their art in a way that is much more raw. And therein lies the beauty of the experience that is Art Ache.”

AA DUN 18.03.17
Event details: Craig Freeborn, David Kilgour, Juliet Novena Sorrel, Larissa Hinds, Manu Berry and Peter Lewis will be selling selected artworks. Live performances and music provided by Jed McCammon of the Yellow Men, and Richard Ley-Hamilton of Males, Space Bats and Attack!.  

When: 4:00 - 9:00pm, Saturday 18 March
Where: Morning Magpie, 46 Stuart Street, Dunedin
Details: Selected artworks for sale at entry level prices. Cash sales only (non-cash sales will be subject to surcharge). Signed limited fine art prints also available nationwide, $50 each, for the first 20 days of March 2017 at


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