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ARTS FESTIVAL DUNEDIN is back for the 10-day 2018 event, beginning on the 21st of September. Since the inaugural event in 2000, the biennial festival strives to bring the ‘Excellent and Extraordinary’ to Dunedin audiences - the 10th anniversary season in 2018 is no exception.  Below are some of the festival must -see’s as suggested by Angus McBryde

AIR PLAY | Friday 28 & Saturday 29 September

Air Play is a dazzling phenomenon that brings to life the very air we breathe. Flying umbrellas, larger-than-life balloons, giant kites floating over the audience, and the biggest snow globe you’ve ever seen, make this spectacular performance an event that is as playful as it is heart-warming.

ANN-DROID | Friday 28 – Sunday 30 September

Ann-Droid is the story of Pinocchio set in the 21st century. In this story Pinocchio is a little robot called Ann who is at home in the virtual world, using digital devices as easily as any 21st century child. Her goal however, like Pinocchio, is to become a real child; exploring human relations and trying to connect with her scientist/creator.

RHIAN SHEEHAN | Saturday 29 September

On the final Saturday of the Festival, Rhian Sheehan will transform the Dunedin Town Hall into a huge sound and light venue. This performance will see Sheehan showcase his brand new album A Quiet Divide, as well as previous work from acclaimed albums Standing in Silence and Stories From Elsewhere.

KNEE DEEP | Friday 21 – Sunday 23 September

Knee Deep is circus with heart, astonishing skills and exquisite beauty. This is chamber circus where the audience is up close and can actually see the strength and subtleties of this remarkable Australian troupe.

DON McGLASHAN | Friday 28 September

Don McGlashan is one of our best-known and most highly regarded songwriters and performers. It’s 14 years since he stood on the Festival stage at the Glenroy to a capacity crowd.

THE MAORI SIDESTEPS | Friday 21 & Saturday 22 September

The Maori Sidesteps relives the glory days of the Howard Morrison Quartet, John Rowles and Prince Tui Teka with contemporary skill and wit. Fresh from sell-out seasons in Wellington, Hawke’s Bay, Nelson and Tauranga The M?ori Sidesteps will deliver a fresh take on some of those old familiar party tunes.

MY BEST DEAD FRIEND | Saturday 23 & Monday 24 September 

My Best Dead Friend is a true story about grief and enduring friendship featuring music from The Verlaines to the Backstreet Boys, and the words of Tuwhare, Baxter and Bishop. My Best Dead Friend follows 18-year-old Anya Tate-Manning and her four best friends - a group of rebel geeks recently emancipated from the torturous shackles of high school.

MICHAEL HOUSTOUN | Monday 24 September

It is some years since Michael Houstoun, New Zealand’s best-loved concert pianist, gave a full solo recital in Dunedin, but many of our audience will recall his brilliant and sympathetic recital with Bella Hristova last year playing the Beethoven Violin Sonatas for Chamber Music New Zealand. We are thrilled to have secured Michael Houstoun, and salute this great artist who has been playing professionally for over 45 years.


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