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Bethune's Gully at the top of North East Valley is the perfect place to go foraging around for interesting wild foods. In the slightly damp undergrowth of the pine forest we went on a mission to uncover some huhu grubs. The faint sounds of huge, quietly creaking trees were punctuated every now and then by a passing friendly 'How's it going?' from runners while we reverted to our inner children and poked sticks into moldering logs, looking for the elusive grubs.

The thrill of finding the first one was tempered by having to actually touch it, but I left that up the boys in the group! The peppery, native horopito bush is growing everywhere up there, and at the right time of year you could come across a tasty birch bolete mushroom.

Searching in the creek for koura, or freshwater crayfish, is a fun way to cool down in summer, but you should let any that you catch go again because they are a threatened species.

I turned my huhu grub finds from the expedition into this creation for Tourism Dunedin and Otago Polytechnic:

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