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In the morning I plan my route, first drop off children, done! Second, coffee!! Where you might ask? Well that’s easy I head straight for Strictly Coffee either Bath St, Fredrick St or Albion Way.  Strictly Coffee is a bit of an institution in Dunedin and one that we are very proud of, which easily brings me to this weeks ‘Local Food Hero Strictly Coffee’.


Duncan Northover  - owner


Strictly Coffee

can be found at

Warehouse, Roastery, HQ Café

137 Frederick Street
New Zealand

Ph 03 4749413
0508 396264
Fax 03 4775498

Bath Street Café

23 Bath Street
New Zealand

Ph 03 4790017

Albion Place Café

272 George Street
New Zealand

Ph 03 4745580

 15 years ago Strictly Coffee was created, its ethos was simple, bloody great coffee, freshly roasted and made by knowledgeable friendly staff who obviously are at the top of their game when it comes to making coffee.  There are many reasons why this company has stood the test of time and that is their coffee is always consistently exceptional, always consistent in quality and always served with happy staff. 


Duncan who has owned this business for five years and expanded to other locations, got a bigger roaster and extended the wholesale side of the business.  Has moved this company forward and always seems one step ahead of the game.  As I have found out the future is all about single origin beans, about techniques in roasting – dark or light?  It is about different methods of extracting to ultimately find the purest method to give us the best flavour. 


For those of you who are new to coffee (“there aren’t many I know”) and for those of you who just want that memorable cup of expertly roasted and extracted coffee then you must make this your destination.  Strictly Cafes have a very cool vibe, great food, effortless, professional staff and three locations and many cafes serving their coffee.   I am sure I am speaking for most of Dunedin when I say a big adoring, caffeine addicted thank you to Duncan and his wicked team for making our day with superb coffee! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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