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As you know I am a lover of organic and seasonal food, sourced from passionate people.  I also love it when you find a place that not only can make yourself a cuppa, have something fresh and delicious to eat and feel totally at ease in the environment.  This is not by accident this is created by passionate, dedicated people who really do care and this easily brings me to this weeks ‘Local Food Hero’ Taste Nature!



Mark and Rayna Dickson

131 High Street
Dunedin 9016
New Zealand

Phone: 03 474 0219
Fax: 03 474 0219

Phone: (03) 474 0219

Shop open 7 days

Eatery Monday – Friday 11-2.30pm (but tea and biscuits are available throughout)


I almost feel as though I should apologise for not writing about this magical place sooner.  Taste nature started some 20 years ago and sure things have changed and locations may have moved but one thing that has never changed is Mark and Rayna beliefs.  Certified organic is first and foremost and there are many reasons for this; environment, food values and health are just a few.  Supporting local, passionate, organic growers, being able to communicate with the producers and being able to honestly educate and inform the public so we have the option of making our own choices and taking ownership for our own food and packaging. 

Taste nature offer such an extensive array of products seeds for the garden,  fresh spices, laundry and skin products, tea, coffee, bulk bins of dry ingredients such as flour, spelt, oats, gluten free products and of course fresh seasonal produce which is outstanding.  What I particularly like and wish this was the norm throughout the world is that you can bring in your own containers to fill with pretty much what you desire.


And if that hasn’t got you excited you must try the café which works so harmoniously with the shop that it all makes sense.  You can help yourself to a cuppa, place an order at the kitchen which offers beautifully created seasonal food and sit in one of the most tranquil eateries I have ever had the pleasure.

Thank you Mark, Rayna and all the passionate, friendly and knowledgeable staff who make each and every trip to Taste Nature a memorable one.  Thank you!


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