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Recently I had coffee with a friend, Graham. His mother has been ill and it was time for him to have time out. He said to me when we were in the car

“Rhubarb or Delicacy?”

“Rhubarb” I replied quickly, basing my decision on marshmallows of course. Not that I told Graham that! Besides; he already knew my internal hot chocolate rating system was always based on the number and quality of marshmallow it came with!

We arrived at Rhubarb when Graham placed my hand on the back of a chair, indicating a good place to sit, while he went up to order.

I could hear him talking to the owner Sam.

“She’s the Queen of marshmallows” I could hear him saying!

Graham sat down with his cheese scone and I waited for my drink to arrive. Before it did though Graham burst into laughter. What was funny?

“You’re about to find out” he added.

My hot chocolate arrived – and while my fingers explored the saucer I counted not two, not three, not four, not five – but six marshmallows! I was in 12 year old heaven! Graham laughed as I put the first three in the cup.


“You won’t get them all in there Julie” he commented.

“Watch me” I replied, stuffing the rest of them in the bulging cup!

Smell: Graham’s cheese muffin which by the way I had to bring closer to sniff because it was smelling so good.

Hear: Sam and Graham whispering about me.

Taste: Hot chocolate soaked marshmallows that I was able to lift out with my spoon! Yummo!

Touch: Six marshmallows with my fingers! And they were the best sort of marshmallows – Pascal’s! I know my marshmallows!

If you want to go into Rhubarb and ask Sam for a “six marshmallow hot chocolate”, he’ll know who will have sent you! Go on. I dare you to try it.

You can find Rhubarb on Highgate in the Roslyn Shopping Village!

From my world to yours


Post Submitted by Julie Woods 


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