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Is gnawing a sense? Well if yes, then we had a great time at Lone Star – one of Dunedin’s latest and greatest dining experiences gnawing into I bet you can guess what! (if you can’t you’ll find out soon!)

IT helped that the Sunday was wet and gloomy as we headed into the new Lone Star restaurant at …. George Street, just north of Knox Church!

We weren’t just going out for lunch though, we were going out to address the deficit of restaurants my son has experienced in his growing up, “I’ve only been to one restaurant in Dunedin” he was found saying to me recently. Apart from this being inaccurate, he did have a point. We often went to the Asian on Moray Place because it is cheap and cheery – a pre requisite for any Chinese dining experience!

So, we were about to start filling in the chasm, called his childhood, and take him out for another Dunedin dining experience.

It was post graduation day so the restaurant was busy but we had made a preferential booking which meant we would go to the top of the list when we arrived. This appeared to help as we were lead straight to our table as soon as we arrived.

Sebastian and I knew exactly what we were going to have. Red neck ribs! 9 of them! Ron pondered on his choice and ultimately decided upon Salt & pepper squid, agreeing to trade his squid for some of our ribs. A trade that never really works in our favour but we agreed politely with his choice.

The meal went something like this:

Smell: well funnily eough there wasn’t an overwhelming smell at Lone Star so I asked both Ron and Sebastian what they thought. When I said “what can you smell?” he replied “clean!” and Ron, without hearing Sebastian’s response also said “clean” so the overwhelming smell at Lone Star Dunedin is clean!

Hear: now this is easy; Bruce Springstein, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Roy Orbison, Credence Clearwater Revival, Glenn Campbell, and more….. country hits oh yeah ‘When you say nothing at all’ by Ronan Keeting but it wasn’t Ronan Keeting – it was a country singer!

Taste: Chocolate mousse with chards of chocolate and berries on top! Yummo!

Touch: Let’s just say the ribs touched me! They touched my fingers, my cheeks, my forearm, my hands, my teeth, my mouth, you name it, they touched it! And yes – that’s where the gnawing came in!

Go Lone Star! With the carpet on the floor it’s not as noisy as it used to be so it’s a more family friendly atmosphere nowadays! And we can thoroughly recommend those red neck ribs! They rock! And if you want to know how many we all ended up eating – Ron managed to pilfer 2 from both Bas and I so he got four ribs to go with his squid! Ha! Go Ron!

If you want to check out the brand new Lone Star you can contact the team on 474 1955 or visit them at  484 George Street (next to the Rob Roy Diary). You can also find Lone Star or look them up on Facebook. Go those ribs!!

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