Gilbert's Fine Food

by Insiders Dunedin

Gilbert’s Fine Food is one of those places you hear of via word of mouth or happen to stumble upon unexpectedly, and when you find it you wonder where it had been all your life. My office is just around the corner from Gilbert’s, I scouted out the place after a friend of mine recommended I go grab coffee and lunch there. It’s now a bit of a regular excursion for me. When you walk into Gilbert’s bright and open space a large cabinet displays a wide range of pies, pastries and savouries to suit any punter’s tastebuds. The pies or one of their salmon bagels are my go to. 


Gilbert’s has been operating in this industrial space since 27th November 2012 owner Kevin tells me. His customers range from tradies, students, families to housewives, ‘All sorts!’ he tells. Kevin and his wife Esther originally ran the Charlotte Bakery and had a stall at the Farmer’s Market that they operated out of the original Marlow’s Pies building before setting up shop on Otaki Street. For a time the couple traded under the name Lievito the Italian word for yeast, now Lievito is the name of their Gluten Free range of baked goods. I’m shown out the back where all the action happens. The smell of warm custard fills the air. The staff chat about music and the latest Bill Bailey skit they’ve seen. I can’t help but think this would be a pretty cool crew to work with. According to Brendan one of the best things about working at Gilbert’s is the other staff. Brendan’s family run the Classic Cafe cart in the Exchange and operate out of Gilbert’s. Brendan tells me how he’s been making coffee for the past 15 years and the enjoyment he gets from getting to know his customers. I decide I should probably get back to my desk but not before I treat myself.


I walk away very content with an apricot danish and flat white. Back to the office. Happy days thanks to the Gilbert’s crew.

Submitted by Jon Thom.


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