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Today we caught up with an establishment that was one of the first in the country to obtain a wholesale liquor license. Meenans Wine & Spirits established in the 1850's by Frank Mennan is one of those local stores that you really need to visit to appreciate what they do and how they go about business. 

The business has seen it all and experienced the changes to drinking laws throughout their time trading. Being one of the largest suppliers to most pubs around 1969 to battling the big organisations. Meenans have pushed through and are still here today despite the introduction of alcohol in supermarkets that left traditional liquor stores somewhat forgotten. However, as evident in talking to them today Meenans pride themselves on good business values.

Jumping on board the wine revolution in the late 70's through to the 90's that saw the sale of wine explode.  Meenans have been located in a number of locations that could cater for the need to display a wider range of wines and spirits. They pride themselves on old business ethics and face-to-face contact with their customers that forms relationships based on trust.

Meenans collection of wine and spirits will amaze anyone who has stepped into their store. Their range has been curated based on an extensive knowledge, background and contacts established throughout their time trading. They class themselves as 'worldwide importing wholesalers' that ensure quality and taste for their customers that is still affordable. One of the largest aspects to their business revolves around sourcing such products and by looking at their collection you start appreciating the time and effort they go to.

Their whiskey collection is something you rarely see.  The 40+ years of experience in importing whiskey definitely stands out when looking through their wide range of great aged whiskeys. Catering to those with acquired tastes it is a collection that also needs to be seen to appreciate. 

Not only do they import a range of wines and spirits but they also brew their own line of beer that is distributed nationally. Meenans stand by their products and believe business is based around relationships, integrity and credibility. They are proud to operate from Dunedin and think it is an easy city to live in, is a great place to raise a family and has some of the best education available. 

If you are looking for that next great bottle of wine, or are one with an acquired taste then Meenans will be able to see you right. They have a team of friendly and approachable staff that are willing to share their wealth of knowledge on most things alcohol related.

Be sure to visit their store at 750 Great king St. Open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm with longer hours on Thursday and Friday open till 7pm. 

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