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Today we caught up with Duncan from Strictly Coffee to find out more about his cafe's and their coffee. They have been around for 15 years and most will know about their Bath Street Cafe and have most likely enjoyed one of their coffee's. However, it was interesting to discover that there was more to this business than just serving coffee they are also pretty good at roasting beans. 

About 3 1/2 years ago they converted an old workshop on Frederick Street that now houses the biggest, specialist Roasting facility in Dunedin. Identifying that people are looking for more than just a coffee, led them to strive to make the best. Their aim, to target the top end of the market and push the quality of their blends.

They achieve this by creating an environment that is based on a culture of Coffee. Strictly Coffee employee around 20 staff that love Coffee and have a real passion for it.  Beans are roasted in half hour intervals daily by guys that have over 40 years experience in the industry. They are constantly evolving their blends and you could say that they are their own critics wanting to create the best. 

As described by Duncan, Coffee is a lot like wine. The origin, growing conditions and process all determine the end result. The process from plant to what you drink can take up to a year to produce. All beens are ethically sourced by trusted importers and they roast everything onsite in Dunedin. The Coffee they produce has to be tasted to really appreciate the quality and hard work that has been put it. An extensive range is on offer with one of their blends recently winning a bronze medal in a roasting competition. 

For anyone that enjoys a great Coffee I would highly recommend visiting Strictly Coffee on Frederick Street and take in the whole experience. See what really goes into the drink most of us enjoy on a daily basis. But more importantly, experience one of the best Coffee's available in Dunedin. 

Open Monday to Friday from 7am - 4pm

Be sure to visit one of their two locations on Frederick or Bath Street.

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