Otago Farmers Market

by Insiders Dunedin

Otago Farmers Market is a vibrant experience.  Situated next to the railway station, it is in an ideal location to catch both locals and tourists.

For a small market it has a fantastic atmosphere and great buzz as I made my way from stall to stall, mostly following the various smells.  Arriving on an empty stomach wasn’t a bad idea as I was spoilt for choice on what I could have there and then.  Cakes, burgers, sandwiches, fruits, and crepes all ready to be consumed.  I stopped at The Porridge-Bar and was welcomed by a chap who was eager to tell me all about their product.  I was handed a bowl filled with porridge and despite never liking it, I scoffed the lot.

As I made my way through the crowds I started to notice something all the stalls had in common other than selling their product.  There was no feeling of big consumer brands or people who had been put through hours of staff training. Instead a personal, welcoming and friendly chat from people proud of what they have produced.  No customer seemed to outweigh another and the same warm service was given to each person, whether they were browsing or buying.

I was glad to be immersed in something local which is regarded very highly and supported brilliantly.  Although I am touring around New Zealand in my truck and limited with regards to food space, I could easily take home bags full of meat, fruit, vegetables, herbs, wine and pastries.


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