Best places for a Curry in Dunedin

by Insiders Dunedin

Best Places in Dunedin to have a Curry as voted by you, try them all and let us know if you agree…

1. Little India

Stephanie says “Little India - Alex has the best customer service and the food is always great. It's been our favourite for 10+ years.”

David: “Little India. Do you have to ask? J ”

2.  Circadian Rhythm

Shirley recommends “ Without doubt Circadian Rhythm is the best. Everything home cooked and not full of cream. Try their amazing Masala Dosa.”

3.  Zaika

Ruth is a fan:  “Zaika... perfect North Indian cuisine...”

4. India Gate

Jamie is convinced:  “India Gate for sure. Dunedin's best kept secret curry house”

5. Taste of Tandoor (formerly Indian Summer)

Anni’s endorsement: “Indian Summer, always good food and pleasant service”


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