Liquid Assets Juice Bar

by Insiders Dunedin

This will fast become your favourite lunch spot! Liquid Assets Juice Bar offers everything for you and your paleo obsessed, raw-eating, refined sugar free, lactose and gluten intolerant, ‘I’m on a health kick but I want something satisfying’ friends could want – in liquid format!
Over the past week I’ve tried three of the soups and at least two of them have gone down in the history books. It’s a healthy and innovative take on the classics – delicious, wholesome and convenient. A takeaway cold pressed juice bar with fresh smoothies, homemade soups, teas and cold-brew coffee … or just fancy water if the purse strings are tight.
To top it off, as if speaking to me directly, they have Simon and Garfunkel playing on LP while you wait. But, I’ve just learnt that you can order online though if Simon and Garfunkel isn’t your thing. But I’m sure they are open to requests.  
A must try – 8 The Octagon.
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