I’ll Have What She’s Having

by Insiders Dunedin

Courteney Johnston is all the advertising The Design Juicery needs. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed despite having just had a baby, perky as a persimmon, all the zest of a treeful of lemons, she is testament to the health benefits of cold pressed juice. Not actually stopping work to have son Cooper, Courteney went into labour, paused to consider his cuteness, and the next day a stockist said, ‘can you get juice in?’ “I said sure.” At just 25, she’s one of the new bad-ass girl bosses changing the face of old Dunedin, and believes in taking care of you and treating the planet with love, when she’s not killing it in business.

Cold-pressed juice has an extended shelf life, the nutrient quality remains intact (it’s not a pulp fiction, in other words) and it has a smoother taste and texture. With so many nasty alternatives around and people becoming more aware of what they put in their bodies, Courteney saw there was a need for something without preservatives, so, turning her back on an engineering career, set about magicing pure fruit and vegetables into fresh, clean super juices.

The Design Juicery’s fruit and veges are seasonal, locally sourced from the Otago Farmers Market and cold pressed in a tiny kitchen at the Ravensbourne community hall using the world’s slowest cold press machine. It’s incredibly hard work: cranking out a mere 10 juices an hour, but that’s how you get the good stuff. Those cool little bottles are 100% recyclable: “My beautiful regulars bring boxes of them back to me” – and in doing so provide instant feedback on new creations. The most popular presses are citrus-based 24 Carrot Gold, beetroot-based, heart friendly The Lover, and, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Supergreens: chockfull of spinach-y goodness. The Design Juicery also makes nut milks and bespoke cleanses, delivered to your door and tailored to suit, whether your aim is rejuvenation, kick starting weight loss or a reset. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Get juiced yourself at: both Percs, Marbecks, Taste Nature + the Farmers Market.



Post submitted by Lisa Scott


Photography by Sharron Bennett




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