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by Insiders Dunedin

Pete and Tracey - Dunedin originals who met in Perth - have an interest in food intolerances born out of necessity. They also have a love of food. Melding the two has become an art at their Waverley cafe Tuppence.

“While in Perth I had so many intolerances to food that it made eating out and even at home really hard and quite exhausting. I had tests done to determine my intolerances and the results ruled out many foods I love! So with my experience and intolerances, we figured there must be more people like me."

“This is why we offer gluten free options, dairy free options, vegan-friendly options that are full of flavour and deliciousness so no one feels like they are missing out, and we have meat lover options and have a lot of raw slices. We source local, spray free, organic, and free-range wherever possible.”

Tracy's favourite items tend to be the new and interesting creations that use whatever produce is in season. The slices - raw and traditional classics are popular, as well as free-range pulled pork and breakfast and brunch options.

“Our amazing bread comes from Brian at Hearth, a suburban bakery just down in Anderson’s Bay. The bulk of our produce is from spray free and organic properties in Purakanui, Round Hill and Kakanui. Our tomatoes are grown by the last soil grown, organic producer in Kakanui, and are pretty special. We get our meat from Deep Creek Deli in St Kilda and shop at Taste Nature and Alexander’s for the majority of our dry goods. We shop at the Farmer’s Market on Saturdays for our fruit and veges.”

When kicking around outside of work, the couple like to make the most of Dunedin’s great outdoors, and tend to their own produce.

“I like to browse the University bookshop. I like the drive out to Purakanui to pick up produce when we run low. Pete likes swimming, spear fishing, paua diving and the sea. There are great walks in and around Dunedin when we get a day off. I like Barre base and love going to their classes, it is an exercise I don’t find daunting.”

“Hospitality is interesting and funny every day. Anyone who has worked in the industry can tell you that. When you interact with so many people every day who are all individuals with their own lives in their own right and you can’t help but take a genuine interest in them - it can be pretty humbling really."

“We just strive to do our best for ourselves and our staff, and the people who come through the door. It doesn’t always work, we are only human, and even the small errors can niggle at you for short while, but the good times definitely outweigh the bad and this is just the beginning of the evolution of us.”

Tuppence is snuggled up in the hills of Waverley, bathed in sunshine and boasting views back into town. In this wee corner of Dunedin, you can really get away way from stressful city life.

Tuppence is a small cafe that packs a punch and the food is on point. Offering something for all intolerances, the cabinet is chock-full of raw foods, dairy-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, vegan, but definitely not flavour free! The healthy raw slices take all guilt away. Sourced locally and organically.

The service was super polite and friendly and extremely accommodating. I was impressed when I asked what the 'London fog' (was which is an earl grey latte) and was given a sample. .

I ordered the smashed avo on toast which I had heard amazing reviews about and was definitely not let down. The homemade dukkha was sensational.

Only a quick drive from the centre of town, I would definitely recommend making the trip!

To find out more information visit: www.facebook.com/tuppencecafewaverley


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