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by Insiders Dunedin

The Daily Coffee Co. is, for certain, the coolest new place in town. Owner Jayren has recently moved down from Auckland having decided Dunedin is the perfect place to set up home, raise a family and open a new business. He’s not wrong!

The Daily Coffee Company is a great space. Bringing new life to the south end of Princess St, it’s flooded with morning sun and serves a perfect coffee every time. The frozen flat white is the best - something different, but also delicious. Very, very impressed!

There is a small cabinet with delightful treats and the walls are covered in Jayren's own artwork. Light, trendy, fast and tasty what more could you ask for? We live in a great wee city!

Jayren grew up in Devonport in the glory days, when life was truly great.

“As kids, we fished and swam off the port’s wharfs, came home when it was dark, rode our BMX to the dairy, played space invaders and ate K-Bars till our jaws were sore. Mum always left the front door open. It was a fantastic place - small enough to experience a great sense of community within a bigger city.”

After finishing school Jayren studied fine art at the Auckland Society of Art (now AUT) and sought-out part-time work in local cafes in the days when a flat white was $2.50.

“After finishing art school I became a barista working in various cafes. I learnt quickly off others how to maintain a full day and manage a four-group La Cimbali. We were making four latte bowls at once!”

Eventually, Jayren and his wife Suzie who were also raising kids Otto and Jonty started to ‘feel the pinch’ in Auckland.

“We both worked together on our coffee cart on Friday nights from 5pm - late and I ran it solo on Saturday and Sundays. We did the summer months at various markets and events Auckland-wide and were working up to 70 hours a week during the summer."

“It was the best time for us with amazing friends, customers, market people, and timeless memories, but we had an opportunity to move away. Timing is everything, and we started to look in Dunedin away from the surging madness to find a place where we could make our own. Auckland is no longer a place for a young family living week to week.”

“With encouragement from friends already living in Dunedin, we came to visit and fell in love. Our first major decision as a family was that we were looking for what we had as kids growing up, choosing to live close to fantastic schools, jobs, facilities and the beach. Dunedin you rock!!

“The dream still exists to own a place and a part of your own country. Dunedin gave us this opportunity. In December 2016 The Daily Coffee co was born. One of the most anxious decisions for me was to commit to opening a business and take a risk. My main focus is coffee and I mean to keep that up front. I want to start roasting again but, for now, it's flat whites daily.

“We love Dunedin and all that it has to offer and so do some of our closest friends. Wait till you see what they bring! Well, only the good ones.”

Insiders tip

Jay sells his own artworks at the café.

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