The Tart Tin

by Insiders Dunedin

Matt’s immense baking talent grew out of every small boy’s simple desire. To get away with breaking the rules. “Every winter as a child, our family went skiing in Wanaka and my nana would have all her cute biscuit tins filled with her delicious baking. But if we were naughty we weren’t allowed any. I was forced to start baking my own. Haha.”Proud to be a Dunner's boy - schooled at John McGlashan and trained at Otago Polytechnic, Matt picked up his surfboard and headed for Sydney to start his career.

“It was always summer, and the pay was good. In the end, it wasn’t home and I got over the crowded Aussie waves. I scrimped what money I had together and bought a trestle table, an old display cabinet then started chasing my sweet little dream.”

“Lemon meringue pie. Especially when mum sends down her Nelson lemons."

It’s a challenge for Matt to pick out his most popular item - “everything sells, depending on the day, although the donuts are always a hit”, but not so challenging to pick out his own favourite.

“I’m also a massive fan of the food at Hungry Tui. Starfish is my local at the beach and I’m definitely a new fan of the Daily Coffee Co for Jay’s frozen flat white – that shit is epic!"

As for his favourite non-baking activity? No surprises here.“Surfing!! Dunedin’s got the best beaches – high-quality waves and uncrowded. Well, most of the time anyway.”

Matt, (a.k.a. the Tart Tin man) is a man who would make Jenny Craig weep. Maybe even throw in the towel altogether. A down-to-earth local guy, Matt is passionate about his product, easy on the eye and super friendly. A package no Dunedin local can resist!

When Matt throws open his caravan window at the Otago Farmer’s market, the ladies and gents queue for baked goods that are out of this world - double chocolate and salted caramel cookie dough sandwiches, meringue cakes, and ’matt-arons’ in flavours like lemon drop, milk chocolate, snifter and fairy bread. The decadent doughnuts are enough to drag even the most reluctant student out of bed early on a Saturday. Everything is a piece of art - perfectly iced; amazingly decorated.

In addition to stocking his old-school green caravan every week, Matt caters for cafes and restaurants around Dunedin. He not only masters the old classics but he also develops new flavour combinations and creates masterpieces for special events.

It’s epic to see our local good-guys living out their dreams in creative Dunedin. Could our little city be the ultimate place to start a new business?

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