Hussey & Laredo

by Insiders Dunedin

A revolution has started in Dunedin, young local entrepreneurs are starting their own businesses, investing their passions, energy and time. In doing so, they are giving back and adding to our small and amazing city.
Dunedin-born, Tom Richardson has been smashing the hospo scene since he was a wee fella. He's known around Dunedin for his delicious coffee and bright smile.
“Being raised in Dunedin, by some pretty hippy parents, I was always exposed to a lot of organic, home grown produce and interesting food growing up. Even if I didn't appreciate it as a young one, it obviously left an impression on me because I now love everything to do with food, markets, and growing produce."
"I first started making coffee after I finished studying and soon realised how complex and satisfying coffee could be. Since then I've made 'chinos for Fluid Espresso, Fergbaker and The Perc."
Teaming up with Sarah and Patrick from the Perc was a no brainer. "I loved the energy working for Patrick and Sarah at The Perc, and I wanted free tickets to music festivals (he jokes) so we decided to collaborate on a caravan."
Tom says "I want to make this caravan about simplicity and sustainability, starting with growing and preserving as much of the produce as we can. Using our own honey, going solar, buying from local farmers markets, it's just the start. We're lucky enough to have a cranking farmers market in Dunedin and later this year we would love the chance to be part of that community."
"The short term goals are to have a full festival calendar this summer and a vege garden that can keep up with that. In the meantime, you can catch us down at the South Island Surf champs this weekend either in St Clair or Aramoana depending on the weather conditions. We'll also be down on the museum reserve every Monday and Wednesday. Stay tuned."
I asked Tom what we could expect on the menu "I have a special love for the humble toast. I'm most excited to roll out our toast menu, served on Spelt sourdough."
Tom says his favourite things about Dunedin are its beaches, cafes, farmers market, students, music, and old school heritage. Jitsu, Jizo and Great Wall fish & chips are some of Tom's favourite dining experiences (and there's a special shout-out to The Perc for feeding him non-stop of course).
It's awesome to see young, hungry passionate locals staying around and making this city even better.

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