The Standard Kitchen

by Insiders Dunedin

The Standard kitchen is relatively new to Dunedin (it's only been open for a few years), but it's setting a trend that many are following. 

Their ever adapting menu offers something different from season to season, and is full of extremely healthy dishes: fresh, raw and adaptable.

The smashed edamame beans and peas on nut and seed loaf with miso roasted almonds was outside the box, fresh and yummy, but the highlight has to be the Cilbir Turkish eggs on garlic spiced yoghurt with chill pepper butter. Something I wouldn't usually order but once again different, rich and delicious. Pair it with fresh homemade bread (The Standard Kitchen are famous for their seedy/nutty breads) and you can't go wrong. 

The Standard Kitchen also offers many GF, DF and vegan options, making it a perfect place to visit for people with intolerances or special food requirements. Where possible, most of the products are also sourced locally – something owners James and Ange are extremely passionate about.

This fab duo do an amazing job of working together to deliver a homely, friendly feel, with the open kitchen downstairs you feel like you could be sitting in their home kitchen. The Standard Kitchen has great vibes with massive street appeal, a light, bright atmosphere and a funky ground floor tucked under Princes Street.

I was really impressed with the service, my scrummy kiwifruit smoothie and my meal. Meeting both James and Ange was a pleasure. The couple share the same love and passion for food and service. They understand each other's strengths and weaknesses and work together like a well-oiled machine.

So great to see another young couple who are so creative, and willing to take risks opening their own business ideas in Dunedin. Anything is possible with a good attitude and a positive outlook. Hats off to Ange and James for creating this Dunnerstunner cafe! You should be proud.

Ange and James are a classic chef-meets-waitress hook-up, but in this case, the recipe was a winner. Having worked in cafes and restaurants for a while motivated them to start up their own place where they could really express their own style and influences. 

“I guess we mostly just love to eat and share it with whoever’s keen” say the pair. “We’re proud of each other and how we create and work together. We also love to cook at home (a rarity) with produce from our garden, plus the absolute treat of eating at Bracken, or something simple like Agedashi Tofu from Kamome. Our favourite of our own dishes is cilbir, cilbir, cilbir! But most popular are our salads.

“What do we love about Dunedin? The Harbour, the Peninsula, the art scene, our musical history, the buildings, the town belt… Dunedin has a lot of great attributes, and it's also a bit of a food destination. “We have a fantastic Farmers’ Market and an array of regional produce at our fingertips, whether its Oamaru jersey bennes, an abundance of seafood, Central Otago wine and fruit, cheeses, the list goes on!”

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