A Bagel a Day Keeps Dr McCoy Away

by Insiders Dunedin

Since its inception in 2014 as a small Otago Farmers Market food stall, Beam Me Up Bagels has filled a bagel-shaped hole in Dunedin hearts ever since. Born through a love of home brewing, breadmaking and all things malty, this husband and wife team admit they really started making bagels because “we just wanted to eat them.” A traditional Jewish comfort food, bagels have long been conspicuous by their absence in vegemite-on-toast New Zealand, because they are cool and we weren’t.

Now you can be transported, like Captain James Kirk without the monotone, to Planet Yum with flavours like Jalapeno & Cheddar, Rosemary Olive Oil, Sesame, Parmesan, and sweeter versions such as Cranberry & Almond and mini chocolate chip. Huge mounds of Jabba-like dough – the kind Princess Leia wouldn’t mind being chained to (come to think of it, her twin buns were very bagelicious. Coincidence? I think not) – are all hand-rolled at warp speed from a preferment and chilled overnight before being boiled and baked each day. “Bagels for everybody” says Ellen. With a focus on sustainable practice, forming connections within the community, using ethical ingredients and offering their customers affordable handmade real bagels while having fun doing it, no wonder Beam Me Up Bagels is absolutely humming, plus it smells delicious in here.

Take home or eat in, these interplanetary sandwich rings all come with a commitment to use only free-range meats and locally sourced seasonal ingredients. The science fiction menu names will make you laugh like a Martian Leader “Ack Ack Ack” … fancy a Darth Bacon, a District 9, or Ham Solo? What about chomping on a Mung The Merciless or a Klingon? Ellen herself still eats a bagel a day after years of cranking out thousands.

Warm hoops a chew, Beam Me Up Bagels are a round delight in a flatbread world. Abduct yourself today. Mind meld optional.

Images by Nathan Meikle

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