When Harry Met Hungry

by Insiders Dunedin

I was hungry. Sooooo hungry. If I didn’t get something to eat soon, I was going to get hangry, and you wouldn’t like me when I’m hangry. Nobody does. I don’t rip my shirt and turn green – that would be preferable – instead I’m a mean cow, prone to unreasonable outbursts and lairy decision-making. Unfortunately, there was nothing in my wallet but two fives and some gold coins, receipts for regrettable purchases (who really needs a Nicolas Cage phone cover?) and it costs more to eat than put petrol in your car in New Zealand at the moment. My online balance was a joke (not a funny one, more like that joke your uncle Ray makes every Christmas about the actress and the bishop). My tummy grumbled. “Feed me Lisa,” it said. “Feed me or else.”

Things looked bad, but luck was on my side: I was on George Street (trying not to kick anyone who looked smugly lunched) and Harry’s Kitchen is at 358 George Street. I fell in the door, waving my fivers about like a marooned sailor signalling for rescue. Rescue came in the form of realistically-priced ramen. “Me and my little brother are students, so when my parents started this they deliberately didn’t put anything expensive on the menu,” says Shirley. A fourth-year medical student, Shirley agreed to help out when the restaurant opened on the 17th of July this year “not expecting it to be this busy” but the place has been flat-out ever since, and no wonder. Word gets around. With a menu featuring Japanese and Korean favourites such as Chashu Pork (set on fire with a torch to deliver that smoky flavour) and Yaki udon, pork with Kimchi, Ten Don ($14) deep fried vegetable patties and king prawns on rice, the most expensive item is salmon don – ($15) fresh salmon and sliced avocado – everything served in ginormous helpings guaranteed to make you feel like a gluttonous millionaire. Harry and Pearl aren’t the Gordon Ramsay type, they like to stay in the background and focus on the food: “this is probably the most they have been photographed in their lives,” says Shirley.

Budget-conscious with a tendency towards grumpy upon tummy grumble? Bring your lunchtime hangrys to Harry’s Kitchen and find your happy place. Tasty takeaways are available too, just give them a tinkle beforehand, because you won’t be the only one who wants them.

Harry’s Kitchen

358 George Street

11am -8pm

03 4770123


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