Medical Care & Doctors

These letters correspond to the letters and location of doctors and medical care centres on the map:
A - Southern Cross Healthcare, Oxford St, South Dunedin
B - Servants Health Centre, 100 Princes St, Dunedin
C - The Doctors (Green Island), 2 Jenkins St, Green Island
D - Southern Primary Health Organisation, 1 Bond St, Dunedin
E - Dunedin Urgent Doctors & Accident Centre, 95 Hanover St, Dunedin
F - Dunedin Hospital, Great King St, Dunedin
G - Albany Street Centre, 28 Albany Street, North Dunedin
H - Marinoto Clinic, 72 Newington Avenue, Maori Hill
I - HealthCare NZ, John Wickliffe House Water St, Dunedin
J - Woman's Health, 63 Frederick St, Dunedin


These letters correspond to the letters and locations of pharmacies on the map:
A - Dunedin City Pharmacy, 22 Princes St, Dunedin
B - Octagon Amcal Pharmacy, 2 George St, Dunedin
C - Unichem Mornington Pharmacy, 170 Eglinton Road, Mornington
D - Albany Street Pharmacy limited, 27 Albany St, North Dunedin
E - Balmac Pharmacy, 128 Helensburgh Road, Wakari
F - Urgent Pharmacy, 95 Hanover St, Dunedin
G - Roslyn Pharmacy, 287 Highgate, Roslyn
H - Dunedin North Pharmacy, 15 Saint David St, North Dunedin
I - Wilkies South City Pharmacy, 106 King Edward St, Kensington
J - Bayview Pharmacy, 64 Hillside Rd, South Dunedin


These letters correspond to the letters and location of dentists on the map:
A - Octagon Dental Suite, 7/10 George St, Dunedin
B - Gentle Dental, 10 George St, Dunedin
C - Bell Hill Dental, 109 Princes St, Dunedin
D - Mornington Dental, 27 Mailer St, Mornington
E - Knox Dental Care, 483 George St, North Dunedin
F - Otago University - School of Dentistry, Great King St, North Dunedin
G - Bruce Newton Dental Surgery, Wilkinson Adams Bldg Level 2/169 Princes St
H - Perry Adank Dental Surgery, 106 George St, Dunedin
I - McInnes Dental, 152 Forbury Rd, Kew


These letters correspond to the letters and location of the physiotherapists on the map:
A - Multipeak Fitness, Consultancy House Level 1/7 Bond St, Dunedin
B - Back In Motion, 27 Albany St, North Dunedin
C - Physio Performance Ltd, 8 Broadway, Dunedin
D - Cape Physio Dunedin, 104 Fourth St, Dunedin
E - Physiotherapy at Les Mills, 10 Dowling St, Dunedin
F - Roslyn Physiotherapy Clinic, 287 Highgate, Roslyn
G - Physiotherapy Consultancy Services & Fitness Centre, 54 Moray Plc, Dunedin
H - The Caversham Physiotherapy Clinic, 282 South Rd, Caversham
I - Physio Med, 259 King Edward St, South Dunedin
J - Back in Motion Physiotherapy & Pilates Clinic, 133 Great King St, Dunedin