Birds of the Botanic Garden – A Small Exhibition of Photographs

by Insiders Dunedin

A firm believer in exploring one’s local patch, over the last few years I’ve been wandering through the Dunedin Botanic Garden armed with my 50D Canon SLR, a big 400mm lens and Gitzo tripod. A sample of the results is currently on show at the information centre (next to the café) in the Lower Garden.

The birds featured in the exhibition are a mix of natives and introduced species, representing what the casual visitor is likely to see on a stroll through the Garden: fantail, redpoll, woodpigeon, blackbird, welcome swallow (resting on the small stone pagoda in the duck pond) and a flighty grey warbler. For the slideshow, I’ve thrown in a few more: a silvereye, a juvenile bellbird feeding on flowering flax, and a tui vigorously defending its own home patch on a prostrate kowhai bush in the Upper Garden.

The show runs until 30 June 2014, and all the prints (blown up to a hefty 24 x 16 inches) are for sale.

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