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We talked to Moi Design on George owner Sandy Maclean about her recently opened George Street store. The gift and homewares store is based in a beautiful light filled space above the Huntsman Steakhouse. The store is chocker with a range of beautiful items anyone would want for their home. You will also be pleased to find a wide range of Christmas decorations and ornaments to make your home look amazing this festive season. 

What made you want to open the George St store?
We needed more space to display our furniture as we have such a limited area at the St Clair store. My daughters also own Slick Willy's just a few doors down, so that was also a bonus to have them so close as we often recommend customers to each other's stores.

What can people expect when visiting your George Street store?
Moi is like a treasure chest. We tuck treasures into every little space we can find, so you can expect to find something you love and incredible service. The girls that work at Moi are all amazing and are passionate about the products the are selling.

Who are the typical customers that shop at Moi?
We don't have a typical customer; students buy gifts for their friends, book enthusiast find what they are looking for, and homemakers might find that perfect canister for the kitchen bench. We have such a wide variety of products that it would be hard to put a label on a typical customer.

How do you select the goods in your store?
There is a gift fair in New Zealand and and one in Melbourne that I go to each year. We also have so many people that contact us to show us their products, and we are continuously on the lookout for the latest trends, and it's always pretty easy to find the suppliers.

You have a store on George Street and St. Clair? What has it been like so far running both shops in different parts of town? 
It's was pretty crazy setting up a new store while trying to maintain St Clair. We have been busy moving stock between the two stores; new delights arrive daily at this time of year. We have kept the beach theme in the St Clair store, and Christmas is the name of the game in town and customers love it. One of my daughters moved home from many years overseas just last week, so that has truly taken off the pressure of running two stores as she has taken the reigns of the town store. Let's just says a few kilometres have been done in the car going back and forth!

Has the offering at Moi Design store evolved over the years?
Things are ever evolving in the world of retail as you have to constantly keep up with the trends and demands of your customers. I think I have learnt to buy smarter over the years although the stores always seems to be overflowing with stock!

What’s your favourite part about owning and running Moi?
I think my favourite part is the interactions with customers and the interior design aspect of my job. I love nothing more than to turn a tired room or house into a work of art with a client.

What would you say is the best thing about living in Dunedin?
The best thing about living in Dunedin is my family. I have all of my children back here, and we live in such a safe and beautiful city. 

First Floor 309 George Street, Dunedin


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