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Located on the Esplanade is a great boutique florist Carley Jones. Started four years ago, this florist was the creation of Carley Jones. After looking at their current location for about a year and a half a surprise vacancy lead Carley to jump at the opportunity, despite recently having a new child. 

The location was a must as Carley had fallen in love with the place. Set on the stunning beach front of St Clair there is no surprise she had decided this is where she wanted to position her business. 

Carley Jones has a range of services the florist provides. Flowers are sourced daily from the local market that sources them from the North Island. Carley also has a number of local suppliers that supply her when their flowers are in season. The bulk of her work involves big contracts creating wonderful pieces for the likes of Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Elton John, Aero Smith, Paul Simon and the Dalai Lama. Work Carley acknowledged was amazing to do and is a result of word-of-mouth. The other major service area Carley Jones provides is for weddings. A service that occupies the majority of their time servicing around 40 - 50 weddings each season. The wedding service is  what Carley Jones is renowned for, something Carley admits is very important to her business with the reduced foot traffic out at the beach and the seasonal nature of the weather out there. Carley Jones also does amazing work when it comes to funerals. Everyone deserves a beautiful send off and Carley is well aware of this and do everything they can to make it a special day for family and friends in the best way they can.  

On entering the store down at the beach, you get a real sense of a relaxed french, country, garden, kind of vintage on trend aesthetic. The flowers they do in-store are quite unique. The style is what can be described as a Posie, country kind of look. Instead of the classic tall stemmed white paper. Carley Jones incorporates a lot of Hessian, brown paper and anything new that is available. 

The store is not limited to just flowers. Carley Jones stocks a few homeware items. But, this is limited as they like to support their local community like the design store just around the corner. Small items like candles, soaps, vases, cards and booties, for example, are available. 

Carley further described that she loves being out at St Clair. It is an amazing place to work from with a very loyal community. 

In conjunction with the store out at the beach, Carley Jones also has an online store. Flowers can be ordered online for delivery at

Carley Jones is one of those wee treasures that once you find them it will become a place you often visit. With the high quality standard of work that Carley is very proud of and the amazing staff they have on hand. You will struggle to be disappointed with the work that comes out of the florist. 

If you are in need of a florist, definitely give Carley Jones a visit down at the beach. The store can be found at 250 Forbury Road, Dunedin. 

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