Too Tone Records

by Insiders Dunedin

With one of the most diverse selections of well-presented second hand vinyl in New Zealand, Dunedin’s Too Tone Records is a hub for music lovers.

Started nearly seven years ago, Too Tone was founded after owner and noted comic artist Tony Renouf returned to New Zealand from overseas and saw a gap in the market after Real Groovy’s closure six months earlier.

“I’ve been buying and selling records since I was about fourteen, which gives me nearly forty years experience poking around in second hand record shops” laughs Renouf when asked of his music retail origins.

Too Tone’s first home was out of the back of the now defunct music venue Chick’s Hotel during Hector Hazard’s tenure as owner circa 2009.

“It was the best place to start the record shop as it gave me a good reintroduction to the Dunedin music scene, and it wasn’t as busy as hell so it let me experiment a bit with how I wanted to present a record shop,” Renouf says.

Now settled in North East Valley (“two locations is enough! Stuff shifting a record shop, it’s a nightmare!”), the store stocks a sharply curated collection of around 3500 vinyl LPs of all genres with many a gem to be found. And of course, there’s a great selection of Flying Nun Records vinyl on 12" and 7" formats.

“I try and be as eclectic as I possibly can be and I do dabble in some areas that would be completely ignored or sidelined in other record shops.”

It’s both a crate digger’s paradise and the perfect place to pick up that first LP in your new collection.

“All walks of life and all pay scales, it doesn’t matter, if you’re coming in and trying to find music I’m going to help you. I like sharing the musical experience.”

Too Tone Records

29 North Road, North East Valley

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