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Chet Faker & Hermitude Live

by Insiders Dunedin

Last night we were treated to a performance by Australian electronica musicians Chet Faker and Hermitude as part of the OUSA Ori 14. Faker has a swag of awards to his name from his Thinking in Textures album. Unfortunately we lost track of time after a few pre-gig drinks and missed the first half of Faker's set…. What we did catch was pretty amazing. It seemed like Faker might've been a little lost on many of the 'Freshers' who made up the majority of the crowd. It wasn't until Hermitude took the stage that the crowd really got into things. Herimitude's technical ability was amazing, this was backed up by some solid visuals the projected kaleidoscopic images of flowers and animals cut in with crowd shots filmed from the several Go-Pros that were set up around their decks. 

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