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by Insiders Dunedin

Radio stations now days seem to fit a specific demographic or audience, hence why you will probably have a go to station that you listen to. Now, this is ok if the station you listen to has national coverage and your happy listening to content designed for one audience. But, this limits the variety of music and shows that are aired. Such stations are what you could call 'commercial radio.' They play the same music over and over again while they try to cram as many ads in, targeted at a specific audience group. A Dunedin radio station doing the opposite, with a mandate to cater to a diverse audience is Radio One

I sat down with Jamie Green, the breakfast host at Radio One. A station that aims to air diverse music that in their words covers everything from, "punk-pop future funk to banging bhangra beats, catchy synth singles to cosmic soul death disco."  

Located at the University of Otago campus, the local Dunedin station broadcasts as far as their signal will reach on 91.0 FM with a team of eight full-time and part-time staff and a huge number of volunteers. The signal can usually be picked up as far north as Moeraki and as south as Balclutha. For those that can not get reception, an online broadcast can be listed to at anywhere in the world. The station has been considered a student radio station, but in reality they are a lot more than that. A better way to describe them would be to label Radio One as a community station. A cultural beacon for the city in terms of media that caters to the arts and provides exposure for locals.

Apart from the great diverse music the station plays, it has a great breakfast show hosted by Jamie. Like most breakfast show hosts, they are sort of deemed the face of the station, and this holds true with Radio One. Jamie is charged with running the morning show and conducts all the major interviews. 

Jamie's show is never the same and is always interesting. He gets to interview people from all walks of life. Such interviews could be sitting down with international musicians like Hermitude, a Cambridge professor that lectures Astro-Physics or politicians to name a few. The broad area that Jamie works in shows that it is not just about the music. Jamie covers all cultural elements as well as updates people on what is happening on campus. He also features each week a different club that is available through OUSA.   

A typical day for Jamie will include listening to the news on the way to work. Once at work, he will do an on-air intro and will raise a topic that is topical for that day. From here he will usually play some music, followed by the news. At this point, the show really starts to kick off with giveaways and interviews, a playtime report, music features, more news, and music, ending with an outro. The rest of Jamie's day revolves around researching and preparing for upcoming interviews. 

The show Jamie runs sounds like a heap of fun and is a great listen. Jamie gets to meet and interview some great people and in his words is the best part of his job. The other thing Jamie enjoys about working at Radio One is the people he works with. He describes the staff at Radio One are more like a family and is an incredible environment to work in and something he would recommend to anyone interested in this area of work. 

Jamie had an interesting start with Radio One as a volunteer and getting his first show in 2008. Prior to working at the station, he had worked and studied in a number places and institutions. Jamie had been a freezing worker, drove a wine bottling truck and studied at Otago and Aoraki Polytechnic, as well as Canterbury University. While working on a film with a friend, one of their actors Aaron Hawkins asked if he wanted to come down and check out the station. This lead to Jamie starting out for Radio One doing poster drops before getting the breakfast show in 2013. 

Working in a station like Radio One sounds like a very interesting career path, where no day is ever the same. If you are interested in joining a great team/family like Radio One, Jamie's advice is to go make yourself known. Offer your time as a volunteer and get involved in some of the great things Radio One is constantly working on. 

Drop in and say hi to the team on campus. 

Check out their website -

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Better yet, attend the Radio One Battle of the Bands heat 4 tonight at Re:fuel or check out the final tomorrow! 


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