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When you have lived in Dunedin for a great length of time, you sometimes forget how special this place is. For those that visit or are new to our city, it can be a huge contrast to what they are used to. But, it would be safe to say most are blown away by our great city once they have experienced what it has to offer. 

I sat down with a person that not only loves Dunedin, but sharing his experience of Dunedin to his friends back home have made him somewhat of a celebrity. Paolo Feliciano aka Kimpoy came to Dunedin from the Philippines in 2009 with his family. His dad had been contracted to work in the mines near Palmerston and Paolo at age 16 went to school at East Otago. He then attended Otago University for a year before returning to the Philippines where he would find fame!

Compared to any other kiwi, Paolo lives a pretty ordinary life. But, what has led to his new celebrity status in the Philippines is that he shared that experience with people back home. Paolo ran a Tumblr blog in an attempt to keep in touch with friends back home. He would share his experiences from New Zealand by blogging images and stories of what life in Dunedin is like. What started out as something for friends to follow his journey, led to thousands of others doing the same. Before he knew it, he had hundreds of thousands of followers across his blog, Instagram and Twitter account. All blown away by what Dunedin has to offer and the life Paolo Feliciano aka Kimpoy has here. 

Paolo informed me that back home people have this perception of New Zealand being a place with mountains and sheep. But, they have never witnessed or experienced the culture or scenery. By Paolo sharing the actual day to day life of living and being educated as a kiwi showed the incredible contrast of life here compared to his friends back home. Something that obviously resonated with the people of Philippines and also across the world.

As a result of sharing his Dunedin experience, Paolo was approached by a management company in the Philippines. The following he had accumulated across his social media platforms had attracted some attention. After seeing if he could sing, the company offered him a record deal and recorded then toured Paolo's album while he was back home after a year at Otago University. A move that drastically increased his following, with one of his music videos (below) going viral with over 4 million views. 

Paolo is now back in Dunedin studying Management, majoring in Tourism at Otago Polytechnic. His parents who are now New Zealand citizens would like him to finish his studies and gain citizenship before pursuing his music career in the Philippines. Although, Paolo could be off touring and performing big shows, he said he does really enjoy the chilled lifestyle Dunedin offers. He said he has never been in a city before where the people are so friendly, and there is a great mix of cultures. 

It is amazing to see that by sharing a Dunedin experience could lead to what it has for Paolo Feliciano aka Kimpoy. It goes to show that we are extremely lucky to live where we do and have the opportunities this city and New Zealand provides. Paolo encourages others to share their New Zealand and especially their Dunedin experience with the rest of the world. He looks forward to his first show he will be doing in Auckland later this year and says he will continue to share his experiences and challenge himself always to explore and engage in what is around you. 

I recommend checking out Kimpoy online. Better yet, go show the world the great city we live in. Who knows, you might even become famous in doing so!

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