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Bags for Good is a project of Plastic Free Dunedin Trust, and we are currently looking for a logo design to be the face of this project!

Plastic shopping bags are a huge problem for the local environment, with increasing public interest and community engagement in alternatives, such as fabric shopping bags. The project is inspired by national and international ‘bag libraries’ such as ‘Boomerang Bags’; where bags are borrowed and returned by users, rather than purchased.

Bags for Good is a local project to overcome current barriers to adoption of reusable bags; such as quality, convenience, and cost, for both retailers and consumers.

Shoppers at supermarkets, local grocers, convenience stores and markets will soon be able to ‘borrow a bag’ instead of purchasing, and return it when no longer needed. Retailers will be able to show their support for local community and the environment through their participation.

All Dunedinites will soon see the Bags For Good brand in supermarkets, on the street, and on social media, and take pride in knowing that our community has lower waste-to-landfill, clean beaches and streams, healthy wildlife, caring sharing communities, and fantastic creative design talent!

Full information about this project is available on the Bags for Good Facebook page. 

Key Dates: 

Competition opens 1 July 2017;

Competition closes 24 July 2017 at 2pm.

Winner will be announced as part of public event on 30 July 2017. (All entrants will receive an invitation with event details)


Young Designer Award

All entrants under the age of 18 will be eligible for consideration for our ‘young designer’ award. 

Prize includes

  • A one-on-one design development session with Head of Design from Otago Museum, facilitator of The Design Kids Dunedin,  and competition judge, Craig Scott.
  •  A tree for the winner'snominated school, educational institution or community group
  • A unique Bags for Good bag printed with their design
  • A certificate and letter of commendation

Overall Competition winner:

Competition winner will be decided from all entries, including those from the Young Designer category.

Prize includes:

  • $100 cash
  • Additional prizes will be announced throughout the competition. See our Facebook page for prize updates!

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