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Fares and GoCard - Dunedin

Bus Fares

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Bus zones

Dunedin has a seven zone fare structure based on distance. The zone map shows zone boundaries.

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GoCard is the integrated ticket for Dunedin and Queenstown urban bus services.

GoCard stores your money for travel on buses. There's no need to carry cash for the fare, and by using GoCard you'll automatically get a 10% discount on the cash fare. Charge it up, board the bus, your card is read, and you're away.

Get your GoCard on any GoBus (i.e. any Dunedin urban bus, or any Connectabus bus in Queenstown), from the Dunedin City Council Customer Service Centre in the Octagon, the Otago Regional Council office at either 70 Stafford Street, Dunedin or The Station, First Floor (upstairs), Corner Shotover and Camp Streets, Queenstown, or from the Connectabus kiosk in Camp Street Queenstown.

GoCard cost $5 each. Minimum deposit on a card is $10.

Remember to check your receipt before you move away from the driver. He/she can only fix a mistake before processing another fare. If you have been over-charged and the driver is unable to fix this, please contact the bus company.

How to replace a lost, stolen, broken or faulty GoCard

Lost your card or had it stolen?

Cancel a lost or stolen GoCard as soon as possible to ensure it is not used by another person. The money on your GoCard can be transferred onto a new card - phone 474 0827 for details.

Cards cannot be cancelled over the phone. You should come to the ORC office. Alternatively, phone us to arrange post, fax or emailing of the information required.

Proof of issue is required (the receipt or card’s paper wallet from when you purchased your card) or, alternatively, two forms of identification acceptable to ORC.

Once ORC staff cancel your old card the final balance will take 48 hours to transfer to your new card.

A new card will cost $15 ($5 issue fee and $10 credit) which can be used immediately. You can return after two days to load the previous balance on your new card.

Want to replace a broken or faulty card?

You need to follow the steps above for obtaining a replacement.

If the card is physically damaged, you will be charged $5 for a new card. If the card has simply stopped working, your replacement card will be free.

ORC offices that can cancel and replace GoCards are:

- Dunedin: Otago Regional Council Office at 70 Stafford Street.


Go Card Terms of Use

The following terms and conditions of use are deemed to be accepted by the recipient upon the issue of a GoCard, and by all others users upon use of the GoCard. These terms and conditions of use may be altered from time to time by the Otago Regional Council (ORC). The ORC shall not be required to notify individual users of any such change, but the ORC will give not less than two weeks public notice of any changes. Such public notice will be placed in the Otago Daily Times and the Star newspapers circulation in Dunedin Metropolitan area. Alterations to current terms and conditions will be binding immediately when they have been posted on this website.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The GoCard and its smartcard chip shall remain the property of the ORC at all times.
  2. The electronic purse contained within the card may only be used for the purpose of travel authorised by the ORC. Credit stored in the electronic purse is not refundable.
  3. A receipt for travel will be issued for each use of the GoCard. Any dispute over the value of the travel charged must be raised with the driver at the time the receipt is issued. If the dispute is not resolved with the driver it may be referred to ORC, whose decision will be final and binding.
  4. The ORC shall at its sole discretion charge a non-refundable card issuance fee, which is to be paid at time of issue.
  5. Failed GoCards will be replaced at no cost to the recipient except where the GoCard has been bent or is structurally damaged. Three working days after receipt of the failed card, the ORC shall transfer the balance from the failed card to the replacement GoCard.
  6. The printed wallet accompanying the GoCard and the receipt provided at time of issue contain a card issue number and must be retained as 'proof of issue'.
  7. Lost or stolen cards must be notified to the ORC as soon as possible. The ORC will require the person notifying the card as lost or stolen to provide 'proof of issue', contact details including name, address and contact telephone number, and proof of identity.
  8. Upon receipt of notice that a GoCard has been lost or stolen (in accordance with 7 above) the ORC shall issue a new GoCard to the recipient and within two working days remove the lost or stolen GoCard access to the system. Three working days after notification, the ORC shall transfer the lost or stolen GoCard balance to the new GoCard, unless there is a dispute as to who is entitled to the replacement GoCard. The replacement GoCard shall be subject to the card issuance fee specified in 4 above.
  9. Any dispute as to who is entitled to be reissued a failed, lost or stolen card, or any other matter concerning GoCards, shall be determined by ORC, whose decision shall be final and binding.

Concession fares

The following concessions are available on contracted GoBus services in Dunedin and Queenstown:

A 10% discount on the equivalent cash fare for all passengers using GoCard.

A 25% GoBus Extra discount on the adult cash fare, available to those with a GoCard and either an ORC authorisation card or a SuperGold Card (this discount is instead of, not additional to, the 10% GoCard discount).

Free off-peak travel, between 9am-3pm and after 6.30pm on weekdays and all day on weekends and public holiday, available to SuperGold cardholders.

Children up to and including the age of four must be carried for free.

Eligibility for a GoBus Extra concession includes:

  • those on a widow’s benefit,
  • those eligible for NZ Superannuation,
  • holders and qualifying members of the Royal Foundation of the Blind or the Association of Blind Citizens of New Zealand Inc, and
  • those receiving a Supported Living Payment because they are permanently and severely restricted in their capacity to work due to a disability or health condition.

Eligibility does not include Supported Living Payment recipients who are carers of people needing intensive care.

GoBus Extra Authorisation cards are available at the Otago Regional Council. Passengers must show their authorisation card when using their GoCard to obtain the GoBus Extra concession. GoBus Extra is not available on a cash fare.

Concession and  SuperGold Card free travel can only be obtained through GoCard.

Operators are free to offer their own concessions, for example: daily and monthly passes. Check with each operator to see what is available. Ritchies offer such a concession on the Concord-Kaikorai Valley-University service. Ask the driver for details or phone 489 4800.

Super Gold Card

What times are 'off-peak'?
Councils will be funded for SuperGold Card holders who travel between the hours of 9am to 3pm and from 6:30pm to the end of service on weekdays, and any time on weekends and public holidays.

Do card holders need to show bus drivers or conductors any identification?
In Otago they need to show their SuperGold Card and a GoCard. No other identification is required. Other forms of identification will not be accepted if the person does not have a SuperGold Card or a GoCard.

Can bus drivers or conductors ask card holders to provide any other information?
They will ask how far the card holder is travelling - this is to record the correct fare for the operator's reimbursement entitlement and to help monitor the use of services by SuperGold Card holders.

Does a bus driver/conductor have to accept all SuperGold Cards?
Yes, but if they have good cause to suspect misuse of a SuperGold Card they may request a second ID. Fraudulent use of a SuperGold Card will be reported to the Ministry of Social Development for investigation.

Is free travel also available for long distance travel?
The scheme does not include inter-regional or Inter City travel. For information on eligible services in other regions see: www.supergold.govt.nz.

Does this scheme apply to Total Mobility?
No. The SuperGold Card concessions target scheduled off-peak public transport services only.

Do international pensioners receive this concession?
No. This policy is only for New Zealand residents who hold a SuperGold Card.

Are SuperGold Card holders entitiled to free off- peak travel in other regions?
Card holders will be entitled to free off-peak travel on participating public transport services within other regions.

Will there be any differences in the free services offered from region to region?
Yes. Regions already have different existing public transport services, including the modes, frequency of services, and area coverage. There will also be differences in availability, particularly between urban and rural areas. For detailed information on the free services available in a particular area, contact the local council or regional council.

Who is funding the free off peak travel?
The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) is the lead government agency for this project, with support from the Ministry of Transport (MoT) and the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA). In Dunedin the Otago Regional Council is responsible for delivering the services. NZTA is allocating funding for the services.

How can I get a SuperGold Card?
Contact the SuperGold Card Centre on 0800 25 45 65, e-mailinfo@supergold.govt.nz or download a copy of an application fromwww.supergold.govt.nz. You can also apply for a card at any Work and Income service centre.


How to get a GoBus Extra card

The GoBus Extra card provides authorisation for a bus driver to charge a GoBus Extra concession – 25 percent off the adult cash fare.

To obtain a GoBus Extra card, visit:

  • Dunedin: Otago Regional Council Office at 70 Stafford Street
  • Queenstown: The Station, corner of Camp and Shotover Streets – upstairs.

Reception staff will prepare the card for you on the spot. This takes only take a few minutes.

GoBus Extra is available to:

  • Those on a widows benefit
  • Sight-impaired members of Royal Foundation of the Blind or the Assn of Blind Citizens of NZ
  • Those eligible for NZ Superannuation
  • Those receiving a  Supported Living Payment because they  are permanently and severely restricted in their capacity to work because of a disability or health condition.  

You must bring these documents to the Council office:

  • Bring a recent letter or document (less than 2 months old) from WINZ showing your full name, benefit number and stating your benefit type.
  • If you are receiving a Supported Living Payment your WINZ letter must  record your name and explicitly state the criteria that you are receiving a Supported Living Payment due to a  permanent and severe restriction in your capacity to work because of a health condition or disability.  Letters that do not identify this criteria will be referred back to WINZ. 
  • Bring a recent letter or document (less than 2 months old) from your agency showing your full name and stating you are a qualifying member of that agency.
  • If you have a SuperGold card, you do not need a GoBus Extra authorisation card. Otherwise, bring a copy of your birth certificate or passport, to verify your age.

To obtain the GoBus Extra concession, you need to show the card to the driver AND use a GoCard – available from ORC offices or bus drivers for $5.


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