Vogel Street Party

by Insiders Dunedin

On Saturday 18th of October, Dunedin celebrated the creative energy that has being channelled into the Vogel Street neighbourhood. Once a thriving hub of Dunedin’s commercial and industrial growth, new life is being breathed into these streets and buildings to awaken some of the grandeur of their former glory. It’s all part of the Warehouse Precinct Revitalisation Plan.
During the Arts Festival numerous walls within the vicinity of Vogel Street have become awash with colour as they have been transformed into dazzling new picturescapes by national and international artists including some of the world’s best street artists, Pixel Pancho (Italy), Phlegm (UK) and Be Free (Australia).
Between 3pm and 10pm, Vogel Street (from Queen’s Garden to Jetty Street) was closed to traffic and took on a carnival atmosphere. Musicians, street performers, had opportunities to play and create, and food vendors provided snacks for the public public to come and enjoy the family friendly pedestrian space.
Many buildings throughout the Warehouse Precinct opened their doors for the public to view their transformed interiors. The streetscape was illuminated at night. The Vogel Street, Street Party was great community colour to the closing weekend of the Arts Festival.

Video | Studio No. 2
Additional footage and photography | John Bollen, Jessica White and La Di Da Productions
Music | Violent Young by The Analog Affair

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