Port Chalmers: The Place We Call Home

by Insiders Dunedin

Port Chalmers is a vibrant community with a population of 3,000. The village lies around 15 kilometres northeast from Dunedin’s city centre. Port Chalmers has a strong cultural scene and is home to a number of artists, potters, musicians, jewellers, designers and sculptors. The people who call Port Chalmers home come from all walks of life; from Port workers, creatives, teachers, farmers, business owners and more. This diverse community coupled with the area’s natural beauty and historic buildings makes Port a particularly interesting place. 

First Voice: 
Blair Kennedy - Art Teacher at King’s High School, Dunedin.
Second Voice:
Mike McLeod - Musician and Co-Owner of Chick’s Hotel

Final Voice:
Lani Evans - CEO of Thankyou Payroll.  

We talk with three people who call Port Chalmers home. They describe to what it is that makes this place special. 

Video | Studio No.2
Music | Message to Bears - Moonlight

Aerial Footage | SmallerCopter
Chick's Hotel Band Shots | Ian Henderson http://www.fishriderrecords.com/


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