This is Dunedin

by Insiders Dunedin

My name is Samuel Bingham and I am a third year marketing student at the University of Otago. After living just up the road in Christchurch the move to Dunedin for study was a big one but has already paid off with life-long friends and experience gained which I will have for life. I have a passion for travel and telling stories through video and after I first picked up a camera and a drone controller in 2016 I have wanted to create a Dunedin promotional video to showcase where I live and to show New Zealand how unique our city is. It all started with filming the little moments while out exploring our beautiful city and region with each little piece of the video having its own little meaning and story to me. The idea was to create a video to showcase Dunedin from a outsiders point of view, I have lived here for 2 and a half years now and this is Dunedin from my perspective. 

It is young, it is unique, it is social, it is friendly, it is what I call home. This is Dunedin.

Huge thanks to everyone who has been a part of it so far. Also a huge thanks to Ron Hailes-Paiku for helping shoot some of the shots and helping me with it! 


Shot on DJI Osmo, Phantom 3 Professional, Mavic Pro and Canon 650D!

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